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Mother Noah is written as a three-act opera with eight singers (4 females, 4 males) and an ensemble of children who appear in Acts II and III. The principle singers appear in all three acts, with the exception of Noah, who makes brief appearances only in Acts I and II. The score calls for an orchestra of strings, winds, brass and percussion of 33 players. Run time is about 2 hours, 30 minutes, including an intermission following Act I, and a brief pause after Act II.

The production requires two stage settings: Act I – the stranded Ark; Acts II and III – the post-Flood home of Noah and Mother Noah. In Act I, the prow of the Ark will be visible on stage, with a cargo door and gang plank available at stage level. The upper deck and railing will need to be provided for performers as well. An additional area on stage will be required where singers can stack belongings and gather for their celebration and dancing.

For Acts II and III, a simple house, perhaps made of stones or mud bricks is needed. The house will need to have a few open “rooms” visible to the audience. These include the room where Noah dies, a larger room in which the whole family can gather, and a courtyard in which some action occurs separate from the house. The house would be simply furnished.

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