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Libretto by Ralph E. Stone

Ralph Stone has written numerous plays and musicals across a career that spans several decades. He has directed productions in churches, university houses, and community theatre. He has produced dramas for such groups as the Texas Conference of Churches, the Fort Worth Community of Churches, the Dallas Community of churches, the National Council of Churches, and the General Assembly of the Christian Church. His plays have been produced in Canada and Australia, and have been translated for productions in Thailand, Zaire, and Mexico. A collection of three one-act plays, Circus, Parable, Construction, became the single all-time best seller ever published by the Bethany Press (now the Chalice Press).

After twenty-six years serving on the ministerial staff of the University Christian Church in Fort Worth, Texas, Dr. Stone became the first Executive Director of the Thanks-Giving Square Foundation of Dallas, Texas. He later formed “Petros Productions” through which he continues his long standing interest in religious drama.

Music by Dale E. Ramsey

Dale Ramsey is composer of works for choir, organ, piano, handbells, strings and others. Two ballets were danced at Texas Women’s University, Denton, Texas. His “Psalm 150” won first prize in a competition sponsored by the Association of Disciple Musicians and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), and was performed at their International Assembly in 1980. In 2003, his large-scale cantata “Song of the Heart” was presented to the National Workshop for Church Musicians of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Kansas City, Missouri at the Country Club Christian Church. His works have been published by Southern Music, Wingert-Jones Music, Chorister’s Guild, MorningStar Music Publishers, and Kjos.

Mr. Ramsey recently retired from ownership of MusiGraphics Productions which provided computer generated music engraving and music editing services. MusiGraphics served clients from across the county.

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