The Search for Spock, er, Hardware!–part 2

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Having brought home the computer, I have been looking for additional pieces of equipment necessary for the Hauptwerk Virtual Organ system. They include: the console (keyboards, pedalboard, combination pistons, expression pedals, bench, music desk). Handily, these are all available at an outfit called Classic Midi Works. Well, mostly. They are currently back ordered on the “furniture” aspect of the console–though the “pieces/parts” (keyboards, etc) are available in convenient “bundles”. So, while I have yet to order my bundle, I have decided to go with their standard, 3-manual keyboard package. Would have loved to have gone with the rosewood or ebony versions, but that increases costs considerably. I was tempted to go with a 4-manual, but I decided not be greedy. (but, it still isn’t ordered yet, is it my precious?)

Then the issues remaining are linking the keyboards and controls to the computer while linking the resulting sound out to the family audio system and speakers, finding touch screen monitors for the console to control the organ sounds and set up the combinations.

I had the most difficulty deciding on touch-screen monitors. I thought they were very common these days. I see them all the time in restaurants and “point of sales” desks in stores. But I found very few that met my needs. The issues are size: how large a monitor is needed to display all the necessary organ controls (draw nobs, couplers, combination controls) and still fit on the console and also be very quick in response (low latency).

The makers of the Haupwerk software came to my rescue. They sell versions in a variety of sizes that will do nicely, and at a competitive price. These are fully tested to work well with the software. That was the single issue I had no way of finding out. There are forums and faqs, etc, for the software, but the information I managed to dig up was not very helpful. I decided on two 19″ Tatung monitors with their “magic touch” screens factory attached. Check another box off on my research-and-decide list. Moving on…next post.

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